No Dans?

I personally have nothing against people named 'Dan'. I promise...

My name happens to be Dan and coupled with my last name 'Wilson', this makes for the second most common name in the english speaking world. The first, is John Smith.

I picked this name for my blog after the No Homers Simpsons episode so if your name happens to be 'dan' don't worry, if they let me in here, they'll allow you as well.

There might be others named Dan, but I am the only Dan Wilson in existance. The others are merely alter egos. You can see from Google I keep quite busy...

Some of my alter ego accomplishments:

Professional baseball player

Semi-accomplished musician

Actor, playwright, stage and film director and producer, improvisational comedian, voice over artist, fine artist, podcaster, cartoonist, poet, and author.

Robotics Engineer

And of course, I have my own Wikipedia page

It is quite exhausting keeping up with myself as you can see.

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11/3/08 8:17 AM # Posted By ltvsys521k


11/3/08 8:17 AM # Posted By ltvsys521k